Wednesday, November 21, 2007

On the Day Before Thanksgiving

My true love gave to me...oh, hold on, that's not the words! :O

I pulled the 8 of wands today. It stands for taking action, and after yesterday, when I was so tired that I had to go home early to get some REST, now I have a little "catch up" to do before the holiday can begin.

I have to make a pumpkin dump cake.

So I'll be busy with not a lot of time to knit today!!!

It's raining, so I'll park in the lot across the street, and walk to work.

Knit Picks has a big sale on their sock yarns.

"Now you know it's Christmastime now, right? Your list gets longer by the minute! No more yarn until you've bought the gifts on your list..."

"Oh, but I'm sure they would just love that yarn."


: "Oh, you are just no fun at all!"

So, no more yarn for me. For now.

Why do dogs decide they don't want to go potty after all the minute you open the door, and they see that it's raining? No matter how much my Border Collie is prancing about, crossing her legs and whining--put on the leash and she's jumping on the closed door, but OPEN the door, and all bets are off. She's straining to get back into the house. Now being wet isn't the most favorite thing, either for me or for the dog, but I take an umbrella--and I hold it over she doesn't get as wet as she would without an umbrella. Me, I still get wet, but at least I don't smell like eau de chien lave...any idea what that smells like in bed? It is most certainly NOT a pheromone!

Well, I suppose that one will have to go in the annals of history of unanswered questions.

Time to prepare for my workday, such as it is...but first....TO RAVELRY!

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