Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday before Thanksgiving

Two days before Turkey, and what do I do?
I stop at the store and I bump into you.
You've stolen my space and I find that I've got
Not another left to me, in this big parking lot.

I'm tired from running from this store to that
The dinner list waits because YOU want to chat
I haven't the time or the listening to spare
For I've shopping to do, well, as much as I dare.

So off to the line where a wizened old fart
Won't let go the handle of the last little cart
I haven't a cart or a tote or a purse
Just my small wallet clutch, and as I start to curse...
I find an idea, lodged up in my head
With the list ticking off, I begin with some dread,
and hurry my feets to the back of the store,
and I locate a cart, just a single, one more.

I grasp it with gusto, I head for the aisle
the list keeps on ticking, and after a while
I find that it has it's own meter and rhyme
So I hunt down each aisle for the items in kind:

Here's pumpkin, here's apple, and blueberry too
Filling for pies, I've got baking to do!
The pie crust, the bread loaf the season's and sage
The rest of the stuff from "The Turkey Prep Page",
The taters the onions, and apple and pan
I'll get though Thanksgiving, yes, I think I can!

I stand in a line for an hour or so
Waiting to checkout these items and GO.
I pay for my things and they drop in the cart,
And I speed down the breezeway and pass the old fart--
Out of the store and I look for my car
Oh, there it is, by the road--not all that far!
I run to the car, and I unlock the door, and
I pack all the items in trunk and on floor.
I climb in the seat and get ready to drive
Whewing! And sighing--thank God I'm alive.

I drive my way home my order in tow,
I park in my driveway, just rarin' to go.
I unpack my sacks, and exclaim "Oh MY word!"
I am so stupid.
I forgot the BIRD!


I hope your Thanksgiving is happy and loaded with good food, good people you love and more good times than your heart can bear!

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crafty wee midden said...

lovely poem - made me smile! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too9and even to the old fart....grin :)