Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Cold outside

Even the dog thinks so! Where's that coffee!? Garcon! Attendez!

I can say this silly stuff because I'm alone in the house--if you don't count the dog, 2 cats and the 3 snakes.

So naturally, I go to the coffeemaker to pour my coffee, and...

There's only enough for one cup. Oh, I blew it this time. New coffeemaker, and I'm not quite used to, I run a bit more water through.

I am up to the underarms on my son's sweater vest back. I have 51 rows done on the front.

And I drew Death for a Tarot Card today.

Now I realize that the Tarot supporters out there will say "This is just a card of "change"--an ending, and a beginning. Oh, talk about a positive SPIN on things.

Yes, it designates an ending, but the glass is not half full--it's EMPTY! Waiting for you to take it to the sink to draw more water, milk or beer . It's a wiped slate, a blank page, a finished book. It's over. The fat lady HAS SUNG! Okay, you get the picture.

Rarely does this card mean actual "death" ie, dying. I hope that my husband has his life insuranc paid up..No seer-iosly--it's doesn't mean death, so much as it means abrupt change--

Remember when, in the movies, if the fortune teller drew the Ace of spades, it meant you were going to die? The comparable card in the tarot deck is NOT DEATH, but the Ace of Swords, and this ace doesn't mean "death" either. It heralds the beginning of finding the truth about a matter, whatever that matter might be...and doggedly pursuing it.

But I didn't pull the Ace of Swords, I pulled Death. It designates riding out your fate...well, let's face it, we're all going to do that eventually--at one time or another, in one way or another, so what's the point? It could apply to all aspects of life, because that's what life is--a death here, a death there--change is inevitable, where ever life chooses to lie, so there too, will you find some sort of death of one kind or another.

Which I guess means we ought not to fear death (or change) since it's going to happen whether we want it to or not--it must, because life can't exist in a vacuum, and I don't mean your Kirby--I mean life can't exist in the absence of that which "gives" life, and in order for life to continue, something must change, or die, for new life to begin.

Such a way to begin my morning. I hope that hope stays with me while this change takes place an opens doors to new prospects.

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