Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wow! Another Major Card!

Today, I drew the Hanged Man reversed.

Hanged man upright means you're just "hanging about", not much going on, you're sort of "hung up" or "strung up" with the inability to go anywhere or get anything done. It also means "giving up" "letting go" and sacrificing one thing for the other, neither of which is good (which is called a paradox).

Reversed means I'm not thinking straight--head is stuck in the sand, stubbornness. A sort of tied to air and earth, but that I'll probably make the right choice and land on my feet yet again.

Because it's a major card, it has some meaning (mor so than one of the minor cards). The last couple of days have been major cards, and there's been no traumatic goings on--so I'm not sure what the deal is, except to say that the cards might be working heavily in the background, and either I'm not listening good enough, or people are keeping huge secrets from me.

I'm trying to apply for a new job. It's two levels from where I'm at now, but I've been at this level for 20 years, and I'm sick of it. I want something with a little more beef--don't get me wrong, I like my cushy little 7 to 4 job where I really have nothing for responsibility except to get the job done, but it gets old and boring after a week, let alone 20 years. Still, my current job is in an area that I can appreciate--being adopted and all that--but I'm seeing changes taking place in the unit that I don't agree with...the government spends too much money doing the Robin Hood thing--taking from the Middle Class and giving to the Poor, who refuse to go out and get a minimum wage job or sit around having babies. I think that my skills are best suited for fraud investigations and collections--and trying to get some of that money back. The new job would be responsible for that, plus a raft of other things..such as taking calls from irate people. I would have a staff (sort of, since they're starting the job out as a lead worker, rather than a supervisor, probably because they couldn't get the job classified as a supervisor due to budget constraints and the hiring freeze), who would take most of the calls, while sending the more involved and angry cases to me. I'm good at handling these types of people--I can be a master of subtrefuge--able to do one of those little political "side steps" from the "Best Little WhoreHouse in Texas"...hehe...but again, personnel likely won't give me the opportunity to try for the job, simply because I'm just not at the correct level, even though I should be.

So enough rant about that. Today, I'm taking my mother to her doctor appointment in Grand Rapids. She's getting lasix for her eyes today. She doesn't drive, so this is a big day off for me. I'm taking my knitting and my book, glasses and row counter. I am up to the armhole on the back, and abou 17 rows from the armhole on the first front. As expected this is going quickly, and could only have gone quicker if it had been on circulars, but since it's a 2 color vest, that wasn't an option. I'll post pictures tomorrow on my ravelry site...

In the meantime, I hope to do some grocery shopping and lots of knitting--I'm hoping to have the back finished today and perhaps most (if not all) of the front done, too. I'll get to visit with my son for a while, perhaps, and score some "good" points with God for being a good daughter. How much better can a day be.

Well, I'm off to the races. CYA!

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I've had the Moon TWICE this week.......