Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Afternoon Nearly Sprouts Tears...

I stop into Barnes and Noble, ostensibly to purchase the magazine called "Piece Work", only because it's got a ton of knitting in this issue, and it's all multi-color, fair isle, norwegian, latvian, estonian, etc--type knitting.

At least 4 different pair of mittens and gloves with and without fingers. Then there's a sweater, a lace shawl and how to do it's from nearly every corner of the globe.

I had to have this issue--remember last Saturday when I drove all over Lansing to find it? Well, it was at Barnes and Noble...just like a poster to one of my email "list serves" said it would be. What's craziest, is that Barnes and Noble is far closer (oxymoron alert) to me than any of the other places--so why didn't I look there first?

The world may never know.

I also purhased another "Idiot Book" about Web site creation. What's crazy is that I have space on my ISP--25 MG of space in fact, that I haven't used because I can't figure out how to access it! What I want is to be able to merge my geocities information and my blogger information into one spot on this web space available on my ISP--but so far, the whole thing has simply escaped me. I probably have to call them to initially set it up---maybe, since I can't even access the file manager.

So I digress again.

I am in B&N and this certain particular "song" comes on the intercom. This was one of those "our songs" songs. You know the song that you have with a certain particular boyfriend with whom you shared quite a bit of yourself, and he's all you can think of when you hear it.

Well, I've managed for almost 10 years not to think about, sing or play that particular song, and so there it is.

And I've got chills. Memories are flooding all around my head while I remember waltzing with my boyfriend to this particular song. And then, blasted onions! And I'm standing in line, thinking:

"could you maybe please hurry up and take care of that customer so that I can pay for my purchase and get out of here, or you're going to see some waterworks the likes of which you've never known."

Well, I did get to the counter, paid for my purchase, and rushed out of the store. The moment I set foot outside, the spell was broken, and I was whole again.

I don't think I've ever had a particular song affect me quite so strongly before. I've had a couple of dreams about this guy, but nothing STEAMY--see, just "comfortable" stuff.

Right now, I sort of miss him, but then again not. This is the fellow who tossed me out of his house three times before I finally got the idea that he wasn't going to marry me, and told him to quit coming around for his "entertainment" because I was no longer offering TO HIM. I also told him that I wasn't going to meet him halfway, and that if he wanted to continue the relationship that he would have to come 100% of the way, because I wasn't going to compromise myself ever again.

Of course, shortly after that, I met my hubby, and things have been just fine since...Oh! I found a really cool picture of him that I snapped quite a long time ago...check it out.

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