Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's Saturday Again! Yay!

You know, us folks who work outside the house AND inside the house should be congratulated. We should be given a party.

Yes, that's what we need, one big world wide party. With CAKE!

And it should happen every Friday at 3:00PM, last at least 2 hours (if not more) and T-Shirts should be handed out that say something like "Another week BITES the dust!" or "I don't remember who I am, or how I got here....maybe tomorrow I'll remember and come do this again on Monday? NOT!" And the shirts should be bright neon green, with a picture of some poor lonely soul with really sad eyes--maybe a basset hound.

Do you think it would make a better world? Would we get tired of cake and T-Shirts and just go home at 3? LOL! YES! It would be nice for a couple of weeks.

This last week has left me completely drained and frustrated. You should have heard me at the doctor's office:

"I do believe I am quite losing my mind working for this place!"

My doctor agreed.

I even offered the top-dog boss, who was leaving our "arena" (because it is something of a circus--I just don't like the clowns who work there---kidding) for another position in order to garner interest in Children's Services--that if he found something where he thought I might be able to "fit in" to give me a CALL. My coworkers are incredulous.

"You mean you'd leave government employment?"

Sigh. They simply have no clue apparently what I go through in a week. If I could afford stress leave, I would take it--this little orange pill I take now and then for anxiety really IS for my state of mind and general overall health. If only I didn't have to "wake up" from this weekend "dream" I would be far better off. Stress and worry/anxiety lowers the body's defenses--and you get sick. My entire vacation--everyone else was sick. My husband has been sick for 2 weeks. I live with this man! I haven't caught it.

Not me. Not sick. Not even a little. You usual hot flashes (oh, wait they call them power surges now), and the occasional temper flare, but no extreme emotional crying that always sets off a sinus infection if one is floating around--nope--not sick.

So today, I am destressing from the week. Unfortunately, I need a week to destress from the week.

What am I going to do?


Jana B said...

LOL the t-shirt idea does sound fun, and I'm ALL about the cake!!!!

What to do? I have no idea. I have weeks like that at work... In fact, I used to have EVERY week like that at work. Luckily for me, a co-worker quit and (oh what a coincidence.... *sarcastic laugh) suddenly our work environment became almost stressless! Perhaps you would pick a particularly negative coworker and incite her to quit?

Tenna Draper said...

Jana, don't know about you, but everyone in my office is up in arms about the software--not each other, which is a plenty good thing--imagine if we couldn't get along in addition to the software we have to use to be a POS.