Thursday, January 3, 2008

Progress on Hubby's Socks

Well, I knit the toes, and have all the increases that I need--I thought I would be a tad on the long side, because I factored a bit of negative ease (counting a gauge at 8.5 SPI, rather than the actual 8 that I am getting) so I compensated a little and cast on 9 stitches. I'm up to 82 stitches OTN, and I've not got enough to go around the bunion yet--so I'm going to have to make a left and a right sock--and thinking I'm going to have to do some short rows/with wraps to get beyond the bunion. Once beyond the bunion, I can knit leisurely until the heel.

So I tried them on his feet this morning. First thing out of his mouth was

"aren't they a bit small?"

Well, it's not like it's the "whole foot" you know? I had to laugh. He can be so funny!

The socks will probably be the oddest pair he has, but I want them to look and feel good inside his shoes, and I don't want that bunion to wear too quickly--so I was also thinking of going down a needle size or two--just for the bunion area, and maybe to reinforce it? It's a thought.

All you sock knitters that read my blog need to chime in on this one and leave me comments on how best to do this...and remember, I am knitting toe up via magic loop--2 at a time. I need help with shaping around this bunion--I figure that I'll need to increase a full inch (8 sts) for another 8 or 9 rows to accommodate it, then reduce back to the original 82--

I can't believe this. It's like my hubby's feet have boobs. Go figure. I've never done shaping like this, so I need help. Maybe I'll run into Threadbear today and see what they have to say, too, but I do value your input!!!

And thanks to all who replied about the dog boots! I'm planning to check those out at the local pet store today, too.

Hubby asked me to dump the ashes out of our corn stove, so when the daylight comes, I'll take out the ashes, and dump out the vacuum we use to clean the corn stove. I've also got lots of laundry to do...especially folding and hanging up, since I haven't done that for a long while. We've had a cold snap, and I do mean *SNAP*, oh, no, it's not cold outside! The weather is supposed to warm up to near 50 degrees by the weekend. I'd be happy for another day like yesterday, where you can go outdoors in a sweater, and you're warm enough. I'm indoors right now, have 2 shirts (both flannel) and my sweatpants on, and the thickest socks I own, but because I'm sitting beside the bay window, I'm still REALLY chilled. I even turned the corn stove up a notch.


Well, with Laundry going in the washer and dryer, the heat turned up a notch and the sun shining through the window, it has finally warmed up in the house. I've got my list of to-do's today--I've been folding...folding and more folding the laundry, and got a few things hung up, but have MANY more to get hung on hangers. I need one of those baskets with the bar across the top that they have at the laundrymat--it would be the cat's meow. Unfortunately, I can't get going until the laundry is done, and there is at least another load or two to go!

I got a check in the mail from the bagpipe band for the performance at the Winter convocation for Grand Valley--I wasn't expecting anything like this--so it was a VERY pleasant surprise. MORE YARN FOR ME! I'm pretty excited about this.

I also ordered some of Astrid's Rainbow Kauni Yarn--she tells me that I didn't order enough, so I asked her how to fix it so that I get it all at the same time since I paid with paypal--it's sort of weird--she's in the Netherlands, you see. I want to make Jeanne's Rainbow Shawl. The self-striping of the yarn is so yummy. Here's the shawl and the yarn is here . Nice, huh?

Last night, didn't sleep well due to the constant back and forth of snowmobiles. Some people just don't know when to quit! They were still running about at 2am! But the sunrise this morning was worth getting up early with hubby--I made his breakfast and coffee, and sat down to type. I've been going ever since. I will get out later--it's just a matter of time, and I won't allow the laundry to get in the way either!

Hold on for a second, and I'll get the sunrise photo--

Isn't this just spectacular?

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