Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Quitting Knitting

What? ME? Quit Knitting? You've got to be joking!
No seriously, I typed in the alphabet for my Title for today, and found that I'd not used the letter Q--and all I could think of was quitting--then all I could think of was Knitting.

How can I do that when there's projects like this one out there? I can't pass this one up! The theme for February's Monthly Dischcloth is of course, the color pink. I have the yarn--I could start immediately--BUT

I won't...I won't...I won't. It will have to wait. I will put it in my queue at Ravelry. I will hope that I can make it somewhere between the two cloths already on the agenda for February. It means I'll be making 3 cloths.

What I need to do is to take all these other things that take up so much of my time--such as sleep, and work...they just take up too much of my day, and I really need to knit.

And while I knit, I must sit. This hole in my back hurts like the dickens! So I'll eat a little something, take some more tylenol and go back to bed.

Yeah, right. Me. Quit Knitting. If you believe that one, I can sell you this bridge that runs between Upper and Lower Michigan for a couple hundred.

This afternoon, I thought I would do some knitting, but I am so sore from surgery that I can barely stand it. Leaning back in the chair creates a significant pain in my back, so I've been sitting at the computer in the chair sideways--holding myself up, which also takes some effort. Add to that, while I was under they intubated me (I must have had an apnea episode, or were concerned that they MIGHT have one, so they stuck an airway down my throat.), my chest, throat and even around my lips hurt like hell.

I think that it will be a long while before I let my doctor send me to that hospital again.

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