Saturday, January 12, 2008

Who said I can't have it all?!

I just got back from the store...not just one store, though.

I hit Meijer's Thrifty Acres, Gander Mountain, JoAnn's Fabrics, Michael's, Community Newscenter, Rae's Yarn Shop, and Schueller's Book Store. I also called Threadbear, the Pipe Major for the Pipe Band, my son (busy), home and my son again (still busy).

I got this really cool Bernat yarn as well as some Sugar 'n Cream in brown and blue at Meijer's. Some coordinating yarn for the Bernat and wooly nylon in brown, plus a super special item (see below) at JoAnn's, Montse Stanley's book at Schueller's, and an assortment of corrections for the Pipe Band's website. Oh, and I got some groceries at Meijer's too. Funny I should forget that...wonder why?

So I'm sitting here drinking a pop and eating a potato, when it dawns on me to show you pictures, since I haven't in say...2 here's the coolest yarn...

Oh, and at JoAnn's I found some cotton Lion Brand yarn, in my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COLORWAY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD....Welcome, Grape!

And the book of techniques from Montse Stanley--the definitive work on knitting techniques (according to some groups) and a fine addition to anybody's library!

And now I am sitting on this wealth of "stuff", safe and warm in my house, and thinking...

"okay, what are you going to do with all of this "stuff"?"

Well, I will tell you what I'm going to do with all this "stuff", my friend, and it won't take long, so listen close!

The brown and blue Sugar 'n Cream is for another football dishcloth using intarsia techniques. I would like a realistic-looking football against the realistic-looking sky. I already have the white for the clouds, and I am on my way!

The purple flurp color is for another dishcloth in mid January for the Mid-January KAL for the Monthly Dishcloths Yahoo Group.

The fancy variagated blue (and coordinating brown) is for a Surprise Baby Jacket from Elizabeth Zimmerman, which I am champing at the bit to try.

The brown wooly nylon is to reinforce the heels on my hubby's socks.

So now, I am off to knit on hubby's socks. No progress made on them today as I did so much running around, but I had tons of fun, and I hope that you enjoyed the virtual tour of my day!

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