Sunday, January 27, 2008

Let me tell you about

My Saturday

I can believe how Saturday turned out. I had a performance in Grand Rapids, and when I returned, a party at my girlfriends--but I drew the 4 of swords reversed, which says: "enforced seclusion--perhaps even imprisonment."

To be honest, I wasn't arrested--but there was some police involvement--and it wasn't MINE, but someone else's, and yes, they are imprisoned, in a way, but not like you'd think. Allow me to elaborate:

I woke up at 7 am and took a long hot shower. I was expected at 11am at a performance in Grand Rapids at that time, and was having just a bit of sinus trouble, but nothing to hold me at home. I prepared myself and was dressed by 9am. I spent the next half-hour or so waiting for Ray to come down, as he was going to accompany me to the performance.

About 9:15am the telephone box rang. It was a strange number, and I was hesitant, but also curious, but it was too early to expect a phone call (indeed at first I thought perhaps it was Ray calling and said so to my husband, but it wasn't his #), but early enough for Ray to tell me that he couldn't come due to road conditions.

Well, it was a used car lot in St. Johns.

"Is this Tenna Draper," asked the voice on the other end.

"Yes, sure....who's this," I replied with a little miffed-ness, because I was expecting another tele-marketer salesman...

"This is (some guy) from R&H Sales (there goes my RADAR). Do you know a Ray Croisant?"

"Yes, I do." Now, I'm worried--what's Ray doing at a used car lot?

"Well, he's just been in a pretty bad accident, and he's...wait, he wants to talk to you."

(brief intermission while the phone is passed to Ray and I become hysterical)

"Hi Kid" (his euphemism for me)

"Tell me what happened...." (mother instinct)

And he proceeded to tell the tale. Apparently, he made the turn off the highway to take a shortcut around town, and the road was not yet plowed, lost control of the car and swerved into oncoming traffic and they broadsided him.

Then he asked me if I'd just take him back home.

He got a ticket. His car was totalled. What could I do.

Now keep in mind that I'm dressed in my performance gear...but I run to the car and head out with my shopping list in hand. I called the Pipe Major to let him know that the show wasn't going on for me and why, then told him the good news was that Ray hadn't been hurt, but that he didn't have a way home, and so I was taking him, because he was really shook up and....and...

So I missed the performance.

I took Ray home.

I did it all wearing a kilt.

Then I went to JoAnn's (in a kilt). Then I went to TSC (in a kilt). Then I went to Meijer's (in a kilt). Then I went to another TSC (in a kilt). Then I went home (and got out of my kilt).

And I threw away the brazziere from hell.

Put on some street clothes and drove over to my girlfriend's house--where I'd pretty much missed her party with all the shopping I'd done (and I forgot the milk, darn it!). I watched everyone pack up and leave, then watched while my girlfriend took another friend down the road to her car where she'd gotten a flat tire, and then I left and came back home and did some knitting.

So while I had an enforced "imprisonment" where I really didn't get to do what I'd wanted to do all day, it wasn't really an imprisonment of the kind that I imagined. In fact, I would say that my friend Ray has a worse imprisonment--noting that without a car, you are basically "Home Bound". I'm hoping that he gets some sort of transportation during the week, because he has tickets for the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards playing at the Wharton Center on this coming Friday, and my son and I are supposed to join him.

And there is practice today, although I know that he won't make that.

So the entire day for both of us was one of "you aren't going to be able to do the things that you expected to do over the weekend.

Today, I pulled the 9 of pentacles reversed. Entitled "gain", you would think it would be an indicator of "loss" instead, but usually, Tarot doesn't work that way. No, this one means financial gain from tainted sources (after paying my car repair bill, I'm tempted, believe me, to take whatever comes my way!) or obtained by theft (I don't have any rich friends!) or embezzlement (that's not even possible). You are either fully aware that it's suspect or you suspect--and it's up to your own conscience whether you accept it or not...but that I should remember there is a price to pay for everything. Rut roh!

So I ask where this $$ is going to come from...and drew the 10 of cups--labelled "reward".

Now, both of these are suspect cards--because I have no one of shady enough character who would offer me tainted money, and I'm not the type to steal or embezzle, no matter how much I need some this week, but to tell me it's from a reward of some sort--well, that's just not possible! I haven't done anything to deserve a "reward". However, perhaps it's all referring to Ray.

He was talking to his lawyer about freeing up some money from his sister's estate, left for him for such purposes--he was going to wait until spring, but the crash of his car has put him in relatively dire straights. I don't think of this as embezzlement, though, so where is the connection?

The 10 0f cups is also considered the "wish card", meaning that I will get my wish. The two cards together make no sense at the moment, other than I'm hoping that he will have a car by this coming Friday so that he can go to the performance at Wharton. I'm wondering if the car he obtains is known to be stolen or suspected?

And of course, these cards may have no connection whatsoever to Ray, or to each other, but thinking has never been my strong point. I'm a "do-er", not a "thinker".

So, I'll talk a bit about my knitting. I got the life lines and the waste yarn in for my afterthought heel--the pattern is meant for two socks on two circs, but I did it ala Magic Loop. I did, however have to put in a little "extra" step to get me back around to the heel to finish knitting after the waste yarn was put in--that means "slipping the instep stitches for one row". This will work out once I remove the waste yarn and pick up my life line rows to work the heel after finishing the cuff. Here's what it looks like now:

You see the pins on the toes? Well the pink ones mark the edge to put the bunion. The silver coilless ones tell me it's the back/sole of the sock.
The waste yarn is yellow. The life lines are a bright neon yellow green--It's dmc thread, but it's got too much nylon in it, I think--splittier than all "get out".
I'm doing the cuff in ribbing first 2x2, then I'll increase to 3x3 for the calf, because he has such big calves!
You'll see!

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