Friday, January 18, 2008

Freezing Friday at 4:58

I am so worried about my car. Outside the wind is blowing very hard, and it's been snowing little snowballs (tiny white hail). Temps are below zero, I'm quite sure. My poor little car.

So to keep my mind occupied, I added another 30 or so yarns to my Ravelry account, including a fair amount of my own handspun. I also have roving in nearly every sort of type--shetland, icelandic, cormo, corriedale, romney, jacob, mohair, alpaca and angora...just to name a few. I put in some of my colored/dyed rovings, but haven't gotten to the big bags of roving yet. That's going in tonight.

In short, I have lots of yarn AND lots of yarn to MAKE.

I was able to get a few more rows on hubby's socks yesterday, but only during the time I was waiting in the tire repair shop--not a longish wait, but enough to get in a couple of rows. The progress is posted in the right margin widget from Ravelry.

Notice I've posted quite a few more unfinished projects? These are called WIPS (short for works in progress). Notice that the Sharon Miller Shawl hasn't made a move? I have to save this wonder for times when I'm not stressed. It's a good SUNDAY project this week, since I have Monday off. The "knit" is not something you can do and watch television or chat with a friend. On a difficulty scale, it's doable, but it's challenging. The border, which is all I've been able to work on so far, is knit, purl, yarn over, ssk, k2tog--and it's pretty much different on every row!

Rut Roh.
Hubby's trying to start the truck, and it's not firing. I knew this could happen. I'm going to get some pants on.

False alarm. Poor thing. It cranked really hard this morning. I'm willing to bet it's really hurting for oil, but hubby is going down the road now. I'm glad. It means I can borrow his car again today. He's a pretty good guy, when he works at it! :)

I don't feel like going in to the office though. I'm sad about my car. I really miss my car. I'm fairly sure that the box I hit in Grand Rapids is the cause of all this distress. Last night, hubby said "it sounds like your car is out of gas!" Well, it had 3/4 tank in it when I went to lunch on Wednesday! I shouldn't think it would be empty! Then he asked if the gauge could be stuck--and I said "don't think so--it goes up and down just like it should when the car starts". There was a point when it almost sounded like the car was going to start yesterday, but it just

didn't quite make it.
It's going to cost me $12 to park today--because I have to park 2 cars. What? You think I'm walking 4 blocks in this freezing tempurature??? I know you're not thinking straight this morning! Go get some coffee!
Hubby and I tried "Raspberry Creme" yesterday. I used half the bag for our meager 6 cups that we brew, but the stuff was HORRIBLE.
I don't mean horrible in a nice way, either. In fact, it was so horrible it was
I don't mean to be nasty, either, but this stuff was nasty coming out of the bag, nasty during the brew process, and nasty in the cup. I told my husband that it wouldn't be so bad, if you could just get past the SMELL, which was nauseating.
Take note, I am sure there must be at least one person out there that this coffee manufacturer just gushes over, but it's not me or my husband.
By the way, this is part of the Christmas Present that hubby got me--a bunch of flavored coffees, so I am torturing him with it. You should have seen his face when he took his first drink! Can you say "another kodak moment missed"?? This morning we drank some nice warm hazelnut creme, which is quite good--though not as good as the coffee I get at the office.
So I asked them--who makes the coffee that you guys put in this little store? They replied "Paramount" (NAYY). So I asked if you can get it anyplace else but Paramount, and they said "sure, at the local L&L Food Center". So guess where I went after I got the tires repaired? You got it. I got Paramounts Hazelnut and their Mackinaw Island Fudge--another favorite in the little store where I work. Yum. I can't wait to have some!
I was a bit worried that his car would not start this morning--it is very cold outside--but forgot that it's right up here by the house, so it's a little more protected, rather than halfway to the barn, where it's got no protection from the wind--so my fears were without merit. Bessie started right up, and she'll be warm when I finally take off for work--I should leave early, too, since there a dusting of iced snowballs on the ground. But I will give the car some time to heat up and the ice on the windows to melt.
And now, I'm thinking that there's got to be some way to get rid of all this roving that I have. Perhaps I'll give a listing of it in another post. In the meantime, ya'll have a nice warm day!

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