Thursday, January 24, 2008

Another Tribble?

Yes, these little tribbles are multiplying just like on the Star Trek episode. I have 5 of them now, and counting. I'm using up my scraps and taking care of my monthly dishcloth KAL at the same time!

A note for you folks who check out my blog and want to see the details of the projects over there on the right hand side of my blog...unfortunately, if you have no ravelry account, you will be unable to view my ravelry page.
I stopped in to my favorite LYS today and got some yarn and a knitted afghan pattern called "The Great North American Afghan". This one is really colorful. No idea when I'll have time to start it, but it's a great addition to the library.
Beyond that, this evening I knit up to the heel on hubby's socks. I haven't taken a picture yet because I want to get the waste yarn in FIRST, then I'll take a picture. First, I need to try them on hubby again for length. That may happen in the morning, or as late as tomorrow after work.
So after I post to Ravelry, and read my email there, plus a couple on my regular email, I should be ready for (yawn! 'scuse me) "bed".

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