Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Cool Website for Crafters!

I found this site and it is just the coolest thing! I will take any picture from your hard drive--be that something that you took with your camera, or something you happened to glom off the internet--and turns it into a GRAPH--from which you can knit, cross-stitch or needlepoint. Maybe even plug into your sewing machine (although I'm not certain of the last item).

But it makes a graph and then you can download it to your hard drive and use it for any number of things. I got a picture of my pipe band's webart, and will knit it to the back of a black sweater. I'm so excited about it, I nearly lost my noodle!

Here's the little copy from the pdf that was downloaded to my hard drive....I just think that this is so cool!

Not much knitting to report, even though I worked on the PWFI Sweater sleeve last night, I didn't get far because I was watching television--GHI or, as those in the know call it--scream and scream again. Ghost Hunters International. They go all over the world hunting ghosts with AVP meters and MFP meters, and try to catch on film, unexplainable phenomenae. I find the show interesting, but sometimes, some of the sounds they get on the AVP sounds like a cat to me--and some of the shadows could be explained by a cat as well. In all these shows, I have never seen a dog or a cat. Don't they know that if you have an animal like this, that if there *is* a spirit, that the animal can either sense it or see it, and dogs have been known to bark at them--even growl--
Well, I suppose it's time to go, a quick pull of the Tarot brings up--AHA! The Sun! Reversed, but that's okay. It means anything from a good day to simply one where the sun shines. It can also mean watch out for hot things. In the book, it says that my intelligence is not being usefully directed--hmm...what intelligence? Well, for one, I'm sticking here on the blog, when I should be on the road to work--but it also means settle down and listen to the world that is spinning so fast around you. Simplify and spend some time inward. The card can also indicate learning difficulties--owing not to a lack of intelligence, but to inappropriate teaching.'s intelligence-or rather the lack of it--hehe. It's okay, since I have a doctor's appointment today--so I'm not going to get a huge lot done today anyway. Beyond that, I have to warm up the car. There! One job completed. Funny thing, it's cold outdoors, but I go out in a sweatshirt to start my car. It must be a little warmer today than yesterday! But it did snow quite a bit, which means that the roads will be a mess this morning. It's the soft, fluffy downhill stuff that skiers like--one day I will tell you about my skiing adventures.

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