Monday, January 7, 2008

How can it be so HOT this morning?

We're expecting Temps in the 50's today--and perhaps even Thunderstorms.

In Michigan.

In January.

I can't believe it. It's 75 degrees in this house, and I am sweltering--the sweat is just dripping off my forehead, and my scalp itches like I have fleas (no, I don't really have fleas, it's just HOT in the house!)

I can live quite fine in 60 degree weather--in fact I can live quite fine in 40 degree weather, as long as the weather is dry, but at 75--especially in a humid 75, I literally MELT (just like the snow, which has left a muddy mess outdoors, and now, when Mandy comes inside from the mud, she looks at the towel in my hand, and hangs her head as I pick up each foot and wipe it dry so she won't track wet mud onto the carpet).

So I'm frustrated. Plus that, while I was gone from the house, my hubby and his son had a chance to conspire with each other about his son coming here to live with us. Now I am not sure if this is my hubby's way of moving all my craft stuff into the garage or what--but he promises me that before his son moves in, he will build a nice work-room in the (unheated) garage so that I can have all my craft stuff out there. So now, I have to think in terms of moving stuff out of the GARAGE too, because there is a ton of stuff out there--it's where we keep the snowblower, the tablesaw, the tools--etc etc ad infinitum. I want a door. I want a floor, and want it to be free of pests like spiders and mice, and I want to be able to directly access it from the house--so that it can have some of the warmth from the house--and I don't want to be directly on the cement floor--in fact, carpet would be nice, but not necessary---perhaps we could put down a wooden floor??? I don't know. There also needs to be GOOD lighting, and I want the WINDOWS AT THE BACK--this is turning into a BIG room. It will mean that the garage will no longer be a 2 car garage--and at best, will only be a 1 car garage, IF THAT, since it's also where we store our corn in the winter for our corn stove (2 ton at a time).

So as I was saying, it's hot in the house, and so I turned off the corn stove for today, because they are predicting really warm weather.

How's that for a seque?

Nearly done with my washcloth now...and almost finished with the mousie. I have unfortunately succeeded in hiding the catnip somewhere in the house--so well, that now I can't find it. Pics to come tonight when I have finished with the work...I'll also post my sock progress, because I intend to take all three projects to work today.

Also, tonight is Spin Night, and I have some spinning/plying to do.

Then, the band wants their website updated. In short, it's only Monday and I already have 14 things to do.

Isn't life wonderful?

My internet connection has disrupted 5 times this morning. Apparently, I left it on with no activity last night (hadn't meant to do that--had intended to update the band's website last night, but was so wiped out from the drive to and from Grand Rapids, that I just fell into my chair and finished knitting the mousie. Even this morning, I am watching the clock, just waiting for 6am to happen...since that means I have to get off my blogging butt and get ready for work. Where's that coffee!!!

Do I sound a little high strung? Like maybe I don't really need the coffee? Sigh..perhaps I am. It's the heat, I think. Heat frustrates me. If I can go outdoors with 2 flannel shirts and a sweatshirt on--I'm perfectly fine. But I seriously want a temp that doesn't fluctuate like Michigan's weather fluctuates--there have been times in Michigan, when the temp has gone from 70 degrees to 30 degrees--IN 10 MINUTES! Yes, I've been outdoors at those times, and let me tell you--that IS NOT FUN! I have drummed in the pipe band and icicles have formed on the bottom edge of my drum. That's EXTREME. Bagpipes can't play in freezing weather, you know, because as you blow into the bagpipe, water vapor condenses on the reeds, freezes and won't vibrate. Forcing the instrument will blow a hole at some weak point in the bagpipe bag--just ask Fred Lewis (long time probate judge in St. Johns, Michigan, PM of the Heather Pipers, McLeod of Lewis, Glen Erin Pipe bands for year and now retired and living and playing in Muskegon, Michigan. Glen Erin had a performance in Detroit on St. Patrick's day one year back in 1989 or so...and as we travelled downtown, the icy wind blew right up our kilts. We finished the parade, but Fred's bag was shot.

Ah, the corn stove has stopped pumping heat into the room, and things are cooling down. Whew!

Well, it's my first day back in 2 weeks. I am rested, and frankly, I dreamed about calling to work to take another couple of days--but I won't actually do that.

Tarot card for the day is the Ace of Swords. This does not bode well for the day--unless it means that I'm going to strike forward with gusto and have a busy day, and get it all done there, all done here, all done there and there and there, come home and crash into bed.

Ah...incredible burst of raw energy to get the job done, but be careful I don't step on someone's toes or get too engrossed and chop someone's head off due to the stress. There may have been some changes in the office....this is what I'm most concerned about--that they've parcelled out my job and don't need me anymore.

Well it's probably pretty close to 6am now so I should get going. You all have a lovely day, and I'll see you soon!

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