Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Back from Surgery and sleep!

Hey Barb! My turn for a migraine!

Hold on while I take a tylenol-3 for this whopper!

The surgeon's office called to move the time up for my surgery. I was just fine. I arrived. I knit on my hubby's socks (they are taking forever!), and was called in to be admitted after about 15 minutes.

After admitting, I followed the pointy finger to the second floor, where I found the nurses station. Hubby followed me and sat in a chair while I prepped myself into the designer fashion for surgery patients. I crawled into the hospital bed and covered up with a nice warm blanket. The nurse returned and obtained all the rest of the information and signatures, put in the IV (which hurt like hell--there must have been a burr on the needle!) gave my hubby a key for a locker for my stuff, and left me with a little specimen bottle, which I took with me to the little room adjacent--and pleased the nurse.

Then I returned to bed. The surgeon arrived and told me everything that was going to go on. Then a resident arrived, and told me everything that was going to happen.
Then a student doctor arrived (before the resident left) and added that he was going to be watching--the resident was assisting.

Is it just me, or are doctors getting younger? This guy looked like I could easily be his mother!

Then the nurse came in with the anesthesiologist. She gave me something--and after that, I don't remember anymore--until I woke up in recovery with a sore throat, a cold feeling under my back (they put me on ice), and a migraine (hangover?) that would choke a horse.

Hubby helped me dress and we checked out. We stopped at a UPS store so I could send out some blocking wires, stopped for lunch at McD's, got my script and headed home.

I want chocolate like you can't know!

Right now I'm uploading a file to the band website. I am working on the band website, writing here, and reading email. I'm taking tomorrow off, too. I can't sit very long. or my back starts to throb.

So wish me well as I'm off to bed once again.

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