Friday, January 25, 2008

Enough is Enough is Enough

I've been sending emails to my mother in law. The computer on her end belched and quit--so her email was lost.

Her slipper pattern for two needle slippers (well, not HER pattern, but the one she's been hunting for) is HERE. Now I have you, my pretty, and to make sure I don't lose you again, I'm going to TAG you, too.

So I'm running right along, sold some knitters blocking wires to one of the women in Knitting Beyond the Hebrides, and have Paypal all set up. Just have to put my link over there on the right side so that you guys can order from me!

Beyond that, I am spent. The week (even though it was only four days) has just simply drained me. I still have to set up a UPS account and eat...hmmm...nothing sounds good except for sleep!

Our lights went out again last night, did I tell you that this morning? Goodness. I can't even remember what I was doing this morning. Okay, give me a minute to read my blog...LOL! I have to read my own blog to know/remember what I did this morning. Something is VERY wrong.

Okay, I guess I didn't tell you!

So the lights go out about 11pm last night, and I'm right in the middle of trying to set up Paypal--and the battery comes on--well this machine doesn't run well on battery, so as I'm getting ready to shut things down, the lights come on again.

So I start another button click, and pow, the lights go off again. I'm turning off the internet, and the lights come back on---it's a race to see who can shut down fastest, you see.

So I get started shutting down. The lights beat me to it. Everything died but the battery, and I safely shut things down, set my cell phone alarm clock and went to bed.

My husband wants a new clock that runs on a battery--just in case the lights go out in the middle of the night--so that the alarm will still go off at the proper time. I don't even know if there IS such a thing. I suppose there is, but I bet it's expensive, and he's asking this at a time when I have to pay him $360 for fixing my car.

I don't think he's going to get a new clock anytime soon. Losing electric power isn't something that he can control--unless he wants to buy himself a little wind up clock--which is perfectly acceptable--but don't expect ME to buy it. Then HE should be the one to keep it loaded with batteries--since HE is the one who wants it that way.

Why do I sound upset and angry?

Might have something to do with the fact that I'm tired and hungry, and he's not willing to take me out to dinner. This is what I get for skipping lunch in order to get my PayPal set up.


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LizzieK8 said...

Been quite a day hasn't it? :)

I use my blog to keep track of things, too...tags make it so easy to find again! sometimes....