Sunday, January 13, 2008

Band Practice Day!

I hate to admit it, but over the last 9 weeks or so, I haven't practiced with the band only 3 times--once in November, once in December and this will be my second week in January. Oh, wait--that's 4 times.

Math was never my strong point.

Anyway, when we finally got together LAST WEEK (time #3), the ensemble sounded horrible because the snares (Ray, my son and I) hadn't practices but those 3 times, and we sounded like crap--crap being a nicer word than the one I'd really like to use--but we just couldn't keep it together. I'm pretty sure most of it is my own fault and said so, in fact, I messed up at one time and took a break for the potty just to cry. I was pretty upset that I couldn't seem to keep it together. Sometimes that happens, and when I don't do well, neither do the other two, and they have their own issues.

The fact is, that the snares have to get together a few times more outside of practice, and the issue is that there just isn't anyplace for us to practice this way, except at my house--which shuts out my son, as he doesn't have the $$ to be travelling 30 minutes to my house once a week--in fact, he doesn't make enough $$ to drive himself to work--and so he walks (good thing his job is just over the next hill, right?)

Check out the band website's calendar. We have lots of events posted there, and several performances where we'll be playing...but if the drum corps doesn't tighten up, it will be me and the drum sargeant (Shirlyn) playing in ensemble. So the beat goes on. We have to get it right, and soon.

So I set out my drumming metronome and my sticks/pad. I also have the bass drummer's beater, which I'd hoped to make a "glow in the dark" stripe out of my "glow in the dark" yarn to pin on the beater, which is 14" around and about 5 1/2" high. Instead of covering the entire beater, which I felt would be "overkill", I thought a 1-2" glowing band might be a better idea. Unfortunately, suddenly, I can't lay my hands on the glow in the dark yarn! I haven't the slightest clue where I put it. Usually, when something like this happens, I dream about it, and I go to that place and I find it, but I had no dream about it last night. I sure hope that I didn't lose it.

So I ask the Tarot Deck--where is my short skein of glow in the dark yarn and pull the Knight of Swords reversed.

He's holding his sword aloft--which tells me that the yarn is downstairs (because the sword is pointing down, being in reversed orientation). Downstairs is the only place I haven't looked, because I don't remember putting it there, but there are a couple of places that I should/could probably try. It doesn't appear to be upstairs...but before I go down there, I'm going to check in the closet ONE MORE TIME. I have lots of yarn up in the upper area of my closet and frankly, I'm not sure what all is up there. I suppose I should get it loaded to Ravelry...I have all my hand spun up here to keep the moths out of it....

Here I go....looking....

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