Saturday, January 5, 2008

Persistance Pays Pennies

Okay, not even pennies, but I got the pictures to show up on my widget. I'm so proud of myself. Of course, I had to review lots of code from other people's blogs--since I know next to nothing about javascript. I think I have a book on it somewhere in the house, but I really don't know where it might be at this moment.

At the same time that I've been stumped with the Ravelry connection to my blog, I've also been stumped about the toes on my hubby's sock. Here's a pic of the outline of his foot, and you'll see what I mean.

I have to create a little "cap" there--I guess this has formed because he wore lots of high heels as a child (NOT!). Actually, the bone is basically sticking right out there. He doesn't walk on the balls of his feet either, and he's pretty much a "heel-toe" walker, but he does wear a special shoe to even out the pressure on his foot--he called it "toe thrust", and it's where the front of the shoe is specificaly elevated off the floor by about a quarter inch or so. I worry that if he gets surgery, he'll have to learn how to walk all over again. He worries that he will be off his feet, out of work and in physical therapy for MUCH too long. (We think alike, just not quite the same way--I think I'm way more "simple-minded".) But I have to make a little hat here, without making a lot of bulk, and without creating more holes in the sock, which will wear and be uncomfy in his shoes.....and let me say--comfort is an issue for my hubby--who has had trouble with his feet for as long as he can remember.

I haven't reached the bunion quite yet, but have all the stitches on the needles (according to my calculations) that I need for a sock to fit around his foot--I just have to get past this silly old bunion! The whole matter is giving me tons of grief. Maybe I'll run into Threadbear again today, with my picture, and see if Matt or Rob will give me a hand with some ideas--to get the increasing going, which one would be best to use without making a hole in the side of the socks, and where to put them so the "cap" forms and then decreases down to normal foot size.

I had just had a thought about a fair isle steek, and then put it right back out of my mind--too much bulk for a steek inside a shoe--next to an already sensitive foot.....

Yesterday I washed rugs. My rugs are falling apart, and I had quite a bit of crud from the bottom of my rugs (especially the cheap ones in the bathroom) that fell off in the dryer. I used my Dyson Vacuum Sweeper to clean out the lint collector, and suddenly, Mr. Dyson's claim "never clogs--ever" was put to the test. It's making a "weird" noise--and it seems to be sucking too much air in the filter area--so I cleaned out the canister, washed the spongy filter (which is huge--at least 6" round and 1" thick! No wonder this vacuum sucks, and I mean that in a good way!) and dried it, took it apart as much as possible and checked to make sure all the places that suck were clear of any matter that might cause it to loose suction, and put it back together.

It's still making that noise. Gee I hope I didn't BREAK it. (Sarcasm drips with honey--as in Honey, can you help me with this?) Now that would be a fine kettle of fish for me, since I hate housework anyway, but this Dyson is the only appliance that my husband willingly bought for me, after we redid the carpet in the house. I mean, let's face it--if someone spends a ton of money to give you the carpet that you've always wanted, then works hard to put down wood flooring in other areas--well you just know that he wants YOU to make sure it lasts forever. Dyson was it. We even got the animal hair adapter--which really does work like it shows on television--unfortunately, it's making this "noise". Initially, it's sucking really well, and then something goes "thoop" inside, and the sucking power is just GONE.

Later, my hubby says "What do you want to do today?"

Dangerous question, right?

So, I tell him I need help "fixing" the Dyson. So I describe what happened.

"I was doing laundry, and all this crud fell off the back of the rugs in the bathroom, see? Then when I pull out the lint trap, it's full of rug pieces, right? Do I pulled out Dyson to suck it up. It took ALL the lint at once, made a "thoop" sound, and BAM--no suction." Then I turned it on, to show him the difference in sound from startup to actual sucking action.

He looks at it, shakes his head at me, turns Dyson on it's back, pulls off a part on the back of the machine, and inside the part was the lint and all the dryer crap,

and a pen.

Yes, a pen--I'm sure you read right the first time. Sure shocked me. A PEN? How did that get in there? I don't remember EVER sucking a pen into the vacuum! I mean, why would I even TRY that?

Ah ,who cares, Dyson is working again.

The charge for all this experience? Full time marriage and $999. I said "services rendered?" and he says "Sure how much do you think you're worth?" and I said "oh, about $1100." (meaning he'd owe me $101 for the math challenged), and he laughed and said "what do you need the $100 for?" and I answer--I have to buy more yarn today!

Well of course! What a silly man! BWHAHAHHAHA!

So he's not been feeling well, as I told you, and he wants his son to come over and play the computer game. I told him that as long as he didn't touch his son, or anything that his son might touch, that everything would be just fine. Germs don't generally travel through the air, unless you sneeze on them or cough on them--but he's saying now that something knocked the crap out of his cold. I think it was the Zicam, and he's telling his dad about it on the phone right now. Basically this stuff you put it on a q-tip and stick it in your nose and roll it around. He's complaining about an ear-ache now. The Contac I bought him is helping with the congestion, and there's Tylenol inside Contac for aches and pains, so I think I've got him covered. I had a flu shot, so I should be good to go. I'm prone to sinus infections, though, so I'm keeping up my garlic, eating oranges and apples and bananas (oh my!), and drinking lots of coffee....I'm still on vacation, which is GREAT because it's kept my stress level down, and I haven't had any emotional upheavals, which lowers my resistance to disease. So, really---I am doing pretty well!

I have some clean laundry on my kitchen table that needs to be hung in the closet. I suppose that I could get that done, and then go to Threadbear...

I could make dog boots--oh! Speaking of which--

I found out what Turtle fur is. It's a thermal fabric that skiers use in their cold weather gear--like for hats and mittens. You can find these hats and mittens at any sporting store--no idea who might carry the actual FABRIC--but if I were to purchase a couple of hats, I should have enough to make treads for my dog, just to keep off the snow and ice (and muddy tracks) off her feet. She doesn't appreciate standing in the garage waiting for me to wash her feet off when she comes back in--

"I'm cold, mommy! Let me in the warm house where I can put my paw prints on the bay window ledge while I bark at the neighbor's dog who is ALWAYS in my yard! You know I have to protect my yard, don't you? I love my 'get out of my yard' yell, don't you, mommy? Can I have another treat, mommy? Huh? Huh? Can I huh?"

I'm not saying that my dog is hyper....but if she were any slower, I might be able to get a snapshot of her. This dog can hear everything--all at once. She's terrified of the camera--in fact, she was resting on the bay window ledge, when I decided to turn around and snap a picture of her (I keep the camera near the computer, so if things "happen" while I'm posting, I can quick and grab it and take the pic, edit and post--all in a quick New York minute). Unfortunately, this dog KNOWS the sound of my camera--no matter how stealthily I prepare, and by the time the pic is ready to "snap", she's up and gone. Well, this time, I fooled her--or maybe she fooled me, you decide.

Then, a few minutes later, she's wanting to come back to her ledge to rest, and waiting for me to put the camera away, but since I hadn't, I got this picture. Finally, Mandy in all her glory, and she doesn't look like she's trying to puke something....

Afterward, my camera said "I need my batt'ry charged."

So no more pics for a few hours. Guess I'll get on that clean laundry laying on the table behind me....sigh. Did I say "I hate housework" anytime recently?"