Monday, January 28, 2008

The Lady

She turned up in my draw this morning. She stands for loving family and friends and being one with yourself and the rest of the world. She heralds harmony and safety and peace. She speaks to the female body and maybe pregnancy...(well, that one isn't in the cards for me thank goodness). She's a card of being in tune with body and soul.

Right now, all I can think about is this cyst on my back, and how I'm getting it removed tomorrow. This may be a card that is telling me that by having this procedure will bring me back into "equilbrium" with my body, but I never know.

Yesterday's cards didn't turn up any money--so I'm confused! And POOR! Ratz!

I did call Ray and tell him to take care not to buy a stolen car.

I digress.

This thing on my back hurts more and more--as if it "knows" that it's leaving--I just hope that the surgury goes well and that it takes no time at all to get well again so I can go back to the office. I tell you, I take one day off and the whole place goes to heck in a handbasket.

I did a little more work on my hubby's socks last night, but couldn't get much done because all the animals seem to know that something is "wrong" with me, and they all want my attention at the same time. The dog won't leave me alone, and both cats want to sit in my lap--this is unusual in itself, because they hate each other, but there you go.

Band practice seemed to go well, but when it's just one snare drummer (me), the sound is a little "thin". Afterward, we went to battalion headquarters (da local bar) and had burgers and fries. I got the blocking wires, and dropped off a piece of music for Sammy. I took some drum music home--I can even read some of it, but I'm better at 4/4 time than 3/4 time in I'm having the guy who wrote it down to come in and work with us on it. It seems pretty easy in most places--and rather redundant, but we'll take a look at it. Perhaps it will give us some more "pieces" to incorporate into our regular 3/4--we'll see. The guys is supposed to email me a copy of the file inside Drum Note Pro--that way I can hear how it sounds without having to reinvent the wheel.

Well I have to do some editting on the band website, so I'll sign off for now. It's likely you won't see me tomorrow until after surgury, and I'm not sure that I'll be able to do much of anything coherant. Wish me luck.

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