Friday, January 11, 2008

From the Pen...

Well, I don't have much time, as I'm on my lunch HALF-hour today, because I came in late due to oversleeping and due to an accident (didn't include me, thank you for your worry) on the way in.

So I have only enough time to get a few words out...

Still working on hubby's socks, but am gladly past the bunion point. I made a couple more Tribbles, but couldn't get the photo to load to flickr, so it's not going to show over in my Ravelry stuff today--it will by the weekend, however, so fret not. I also finished the Snowflake pattern from Berrocco--it's in the free patterns. The picture is a little strange/yellowed because I took it in the dark--with a light on BEHIND me, so everything looks "yellowish". The cloth is actually the whitest white you can find, but because of the weird lighting in my house in the evening hours, everything looks yellow. Even so, under DIRECT incandescent lighting, the white of the pattern and the green cast in the lighting washed out the relief of the pattern...and that's why I took the picture in the dark--so I could show the pretty cabling!

I have to update the band website tonight, and therefore won't be able to work on blogging or Ravelry tonight. I did finally obtain more yarn for hubby's socks (came on Monday) and also some yarn from a person who was just irritated about how the dye was coming off on her hands and that the skein was horribly tangled (I spent an entire evening---3.5 hours untangling.)...I told her I'd take it off her hands, and she mailed it to me.

Gotta love these sock knitters! Thank YOU! KISS! Love this yarn. Bright peacock blue, self striping with Navy, turquoise---you know, colors you'd find on a male peacock. But the dye wasn't set right--so this weekend, I will be setting the dye and drying--then it goes into the stash to knit up VERY SOON. It's Great Adirondack sock yarn, too. I can't believe she let it go. Her loss, however, is my gain. I love the color, and can't wait to knit with it. This package also arrived on I've been playing for a bit, haven't I?

I also plied the chiengora that I had on the bobbin for a week now. I will be taking it off the bobbin tonight and putting a new ply onto the bobbin. I'll take the skein to it's owner on Sunday.

I'm going to be a busy girl.

This weekend, hubby and I might play some cards with the in-laws. That's always fun, and I can knit and hold cards at the same time--don't ask me how I do it, but I seem to always have to be doing two or three things at once--that includes talking AND listening...

Hubby was in a bad mood yesterday, downright irritable, in fact. He wasn't happy that I had plans for Saturday, but then I figure out after a HUGE fight that I don't have to be there on Saturday after all. He'll be in a better one when I tell him that I made a mistake and the band party isn't until next weekend. I hate fighting with him, it just tears my heart out!

Therefore, I need to go to band practice on Sunday, instead, and he'll have a whole week to get used to the idea of my being out NEXT Saturday. That might suit him a little better!

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