Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Dreaded Doctor Visit

Okay, queen of drama here...I went to the doctor today, because a month or so ago, I go to the chiro for an adjustment, and she asks me if I've every had back surgery.

"No, why?"

"Because you have a cyst on your back. Did you know that?"

"No , I had no idea any such thing might be back there. I can't feel it.."

So she pressed on it.

"Ow! That smarts!"

"Well, you best have your doctor take a peek at it. It doesn't look serious, but if it's bugging you, you may need to have it removed..."

"Oh, okay."

Thanks a lot for the additional stressor, lady!

So, today was the day I had my doctor take a look at it--not that my regular doctor was available, since she's moved away from the clinic and opened up her own practice (which really doesn't open until February). So I had to see a total stranger about this thing that has been worrying at me since before Christmas!

He said the same thing. Referred me to a surgeon, because he wasn't very happy about the size of it. I was thinking that it was maybe the size of a quarter. Apparently, this is not so. It is the size of a softball.

So when I sleep, it's pressing on my backbone, and makes my back ache in the morning.

So I'm going to the surgeon. He'll do an intake. He'll do an ultrasound. He'll drain it, or remove it--who knows. It bugs me just that it's there! I want it gone. I realize I'm probably being a total boob about this, but I really don't need another boob growing on my back!

Tomorrow, I take my mother to her eye surgeon--apparently one of her eye surgeries has had complications. I'll be gone all day most likely. She's a little scared, so I called her today to tell her about my "extra boob". It made her laugh. We'll talk more about it tomorrow.


Melzy Knits said...

LOL poor thing. I am sure it is nothing but wow I bet your back will feel better when it's gone.

Tenna Draper said...

Oh, I'm sure it's nothing too. I'm going to for sure be happier when it's gone! Monday I see the surgeon to discuss it.