Monday, January 14, 2008

There's something about having a PLAN

The band has decided on a medley for competition for this year at Alma and Detroit. I have the music, and need to come up with a drumming score for two 3/4 tunes and 2 6/8 tunes.

I'm terrified.

What if they don't like my "style"?

In the meantime of fretting, I decided that I need to add another level of security to the website to put the tunes on the website. Then give the band members the login/password.

I haven't got the slightest idea how to do it.

I suppose that I just set up another level of security for viewing and downloading in hidden files, then create the link to the hidden file? And from there, the website should know how to do it, but I have no idea if it will work, so I'm a bit unnerved by the whole thing.

In the meantime of all that fretting, I finaly laid my hands on the "glow in the dark" yarn, and started on the "band" to go around the bass beater. The entire thing feels like it's taking forever because I'm doing them on a smaller needle to get better coverage. The beater is bigger, and I don't want the band to look "lacey"-- I also thought of refective tape, but it only "glows" if light hits it. I want things that glow in the dark!

But at least I found the nylon, and I know how big to make the band--and it can stretch as tight as we need it to stretch.

This weekend, we're having a party at the tavern closest to our practice area. We're having food and the cash bar, of course, and we'll be entertaining.

Not a lot of progress on the socks, and I have to shower in 3 (count them) 3 minutes.

But I'll be home early and able to put more on the blog--after I get things taken care of around here. I didn't get to the laundry at all, and I'm wondering what my husband wore to work! haha!

The roads look a little slick, too, and I need gas, so I best get my butt in gear. See you later!

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