Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Such is life

Today is the first day of my REAL vacation--Hubby has gone to work very early this morning, and I am ready to start a day of whirlwind activity!

My plan is first to really clean the kitchen up. After a week of doing practically nothing, the kitchen looks like it's been hit with a tornado...

But first, coffee and a wee bit to eat.

I finally decided on the yarn for hubby's socks--Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock Petrified Wood/Petrified rock/earthy colorway, but I think it's probably petrified wood. Yep, Petrified wood--I found another blogger than has a pair, but as with all handpaints....sigh...her skein has what looks like "white" in it. Mine has no white whatsoever. Compare:

I bought this months ago. The LYS ran out if it in no time flat. I'm thinking that it's now been discontinued, as I can't locate the colorway on their website anymore, and I'm pretty well freaking out, because I only have one skein for a size 10EEEE foot! I started on the toes--doing a fan toe, because the front of his foot is SO BIG, and fan toe provides more space more quickly than the standard toe. I figure, based on my calculations that it will take at least another 7 rows to get all the stitches on the needles that I need to get past his bunions...then I'll need to decrease ever so slightly to the real circumference of his foot, but not so much that it's impossible to get the sock on OVER those bunions. Honestly, I've never seen bunions this big--and I used to work in a shoe store!

So I contact BMFA to see if it's possible to get another hank, and also posted to Ravelry--I don't know if I will get any action. The colorway posts pretty true on my monitor, but might not on anyone else's. In fact, the other person who made her Jaywalker socks might not post a pic that is color true for HER I am in a quandry. Of course, my first email to the company will be met with scratching heads and question "huh?" on their faces, so I sent a second email calling it Petrified Rock. Well, I'm fairly sure that it IS Petrified, just not sure if it's Wood or Rock. I've been hunting up and down for the label--I think the cat may have run off with it...does this look like a guilty face or what?

Welcome Smokie on the scene--actually, just waking up from a cat-nap because she hears Mandy's toenails going click-click-click on the wood floor between the bathroom and kitchen. She's simply on the alert here, ready to


Run Kitty Run! See Smokie Run. See Smokie Run fast from Mandy. See Mandy's nose under the chair sniffing because the cat ran under it! See Tenna topple over backward, knitting flying.

Okay, enough Dick and Jane...

It looks like we got another inch of snow last night. My car is covered. I'm wanting to run to the LYS to see their new digs. Rae has moved to a bigger store. It's a good thing, because things were really cramped in her store, and I'm thinking that she must be doing pretty well--but I don't remember which day she said she'd be I have to go out to the car, get the advertisement...means I have to put my boots on....oh, all right! Wait a minute!

(huff puff) IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!

Okay, I didn't find the address, but the cat gave up the hiding place for the ball band for my sock yarn, and it's Petrified Wood. So alright! I'm an idiot!

But Rae's shop is supposed to be open at the new location today, according to my telephone call to her I will just climb into my frozen car--yes, I had to scrape ice just to open the door--heat it up and move on out to the LYS--just to see if she might have a skein--even if the colorway is only close--it might still work.

I'd hate to have the foot one color and the leg another. But I also hate having load extra, and another skein would put me well over the requirement for the feet--even if he DOES have big feet.

Well, I'm off. Dishes are in the dishwasher, and it's going handily. The dog is eating breakfast, and it's only 10:30am. I have one more counter to clear off, and then I can take my car and go out to parts unknown! Wish me LUCK, because I'm going to need it!

Edits later in the day--

Well, I stopped into Rae's, and of course, she didn't have the yarn I need, but lots of other skeins to drool over. I got quite a bit more SEX yarn there, then went to Meijer's and bought 4 balls of Sugar and Creme to make some Tribbles. I purchased some Christmas color, as I plan to make some for next Christmas for everybody! Plus picked up some groceries that we were out of, AND got a new tub for hiding all the S.E.X I've accumulated in the last couple of days.

And, while on Ravelry, I found another knitter who has a skein of the yarn I need to finish my hubby's socks! I'm thrilled to the dickens--she said she would be willing to part with it. Now to finalize the purchase, and get it shipped to me. There was also another person on the socknitters list, and she had some yarn that she's not very pleased with--I inquired into it, told her I would send her $ for it, and she turned it down!

So soon, I will have more S.E.X. to play with!


I got my Latvian Mitten book in the mail. This one, I want to read very slowly. There is quite a bit of history packed into this book, and I want to get the full experience, therefore, I'll knit until hubby goes to bed, then I'll read for a while.

Tomorrow morning, I want to get up bright and early, and work some more on the house (need to do laundry pretty bad)--then I can sit and knit all day long.

I can't wait.

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beautiful cat........BEAUTIFUL CAT!!!!!!!!
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