Sunday, January 6, 2008

Letting it Cool

Hubby got up at 5:53 am this morning and took a shower to help clear his sinuses.

And I made breakfast--Oatmeal and coffee.

I made quite a bit of progress on hubby's socks and the dishcloth--see Ravelry details in the sidebar!

In the evening, the pets were very relaxed, and I got lots of pictures--here are some favorites:

A Chat au Lait CloseUP!

Chat for dinner, and Mandy wants a bite...of course, Chat's having nothing to do with this!

Chat-Make sure you get my BEST SIDE! Poser for the camera.

If I ignore you long enough, will you go away?

There were lots of other pictures, but figured that I would let some of them stew until another day. In fact, one of my snakes was performing this morning, but I tend to leave her alone as much as possible--they can get very stressed if they are handled too much.

I woke up to yarn on the floor--not a common occurrence aorund here, but it happens now and then. This particular yarn seems to be a cat favorite--so I'm going to knit it into a mousie today.

Also, today is band practice, and I will be taking in the green, glow in the dark tenor beater covers (posted a few days ago) in to show to the tenor drum players. I think they will be pleasantly surprised...another "merry christmas" from Tenna.

In the meantime, I have updates to make on Ravelry, so perhaps I will be back later today if anything extraordinary occurs during practice or the drive there or back. Hubby's son is supposed to come over for a visit and some computer game playing today, and I'll be taking my yarn to band practice in case things get slow. This is the first practice of the year, so I'm willing to bet that things are going to be quite hectic. I'll try to get some good photos.

Check back later!

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